Through the Eyes of Faith

This boy was so amazed to see an extra-wide lens mounted to my big camera. I looped the camera strap on my neck so that the position of the lens was right in front of my stomach, facing this boy’s eyes. Soon after having heard him saying an expression like “Che cannone!”, I pressed the shutter release without even thinking about the exposure I had set before. Alas, I just made one shoot but I, fortunately, got the right focus and the exposure was not too bad.

The boy was actually following his mom, I guess when he spontaneously stopped to see the big lens facing his eyes. He was really amazed by my “cannone” but, on the contrary, I did not even notice that he had a funny sticker covering his left eye. I was just aware of it after zooming the picture to his face. If only I had known it before, I would have had followed him with my zoom lens mounted to my DSLR.

Actually, this little boy did not stop comfortably to observe my extra-wide lens because his mom seemed to drag him to a place nearby, where there was a performance. To his mom, her boy’s interest was a distraction to be there looking at the performance. This boy just wanted to stop.


It’s interesting to see how the journey of life makes twists and turns. Some people think that they would never have guessed that they’d end up where they are now. Other people might say that the most scenic roads in life are the detours they did not mean to take. For those reasons, people come to believe that this life consists of ‘unlimited’ coincidences before arriving at their resolution to live this life as free as possible just to flow, following the stream of consciousness.

What is a coincidence? It’s only a symptom that we don’t have full control of life’s elements. We’d prefer saying “I happened to be here” to admitting that we don’t know why we decided something that leads us here with all these circumstances! Through the eyes of faith, coincidence is only a call to relate with The Omniscient Subject from whom people taste a sense of destiny. Otherwise, it would be a real distraction during their aimless wandering.

2 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of Faith

  1. In life people have to go step by step and each time they shall be confronted by having to make decisions and choices. In this world that last bit is a difficult matter, because people want to stay by traditions and be part of the world. The Scriptures asks us to take distance from the worldly traditions and its false teachings. We should come to follow the Word of God and worship that Only One True God.

    By the years we shall have to come to explore but also to find out who is who and what it is all about mankind and about future life. We also shall have to make decisions what sort of faith we want to follow. Do we want to keep to the human doctrines (like the Trinity) or do we want to follow the Biblical doctrines and worship Only One True God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah? At any time in our life we have to choose which way we want to go. People should come to see that Jesus is the way to God and that there is only One true God.


    1. Thanks for the reflection. I would say that even the so-called “Biblical doctrines” cannot be excluded from ‘worldly traditions’ as they were considered holy through human efforts as well. There is no such thing in Christianity as creatio ex nihilo in their canonization process. Human efforts matter and one cannot judge others only by his own measure. “Only One True God” is our first basic principle in Indonesia whatever religion one belongs to. So, every religion must understand its own teachings within the context “Only One True God” and I would not think that I can fully understand the human teaching (e.g. Trinity) within that context unless I live it up with all my heart, all my thought, and my will. Otherwise, “Jesus is the way to God” remains a doctrine and “One True God” a concept, whereas Truth is not a concept, which itself is a human effort.


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