Are you lonely?

The old man and his little girl really enjoyed their leisure time near Piazza San Marco, Venice. I’m sure they had their own gadget to play with, but as long as I observed them from a distance, I didn’t see them holding any device. They were just sitting there, and maybe the little girl was singing, inviting her old man to look at the whole creation, at a lifetime friend who never let people be lonely.

There is, indeed, a reason to be lonely and it’s healthy, for sure. In case you need a loneliness quiz, just click here or read this article about some signs of loneliness. This video clip might be indicative of our isolation.

If a person is not aware of his/her being lonely, he/she might go astray in dealing with this feeling. How a person responds to his/her loneliness would determine the gravity of the isolation itself. It might be humanity’s highest dignity or its most substantial burden. In dealing with loneliness, it’s always better not to deny it since the more he/she refuses it, the more energy he/she gives to it.

Just accept the loneliness and follow this little girl’s suggestion: open your eyes and look at the reality, the whole creation from where you stand, here and now. Otherwise, we display a life marked by ‘doing,’ by escapism (even if it is manifested in workaholic spirit); we might become a non-affirmed person who is looking to work, power, possessions, pleasing people and ‘killing time’ to deny the reality of loneliness.

An affirmed person doesn’t run away from loneliness. He/she knows his/her place, and nothing could ruin his/her life because he/she’s always connected with the lifetime friend.

The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly. F. Scott Fitzgerald


One thought on “Are you lonely?

  1. Reblogged this on A Pathway to God and commented:

    Konon ada dua tipe kesepian: loneliness anxiety (terjemahannya apa toh ini?) & existential loneliness. Orang yang belum punya kepercayaan diri biasanya mengalami tipe pertama, belum ‘ngeh’ antara jati dirinya dan topeng yang ingin ditampilkannya; mereka cenderung berupaya lari dari kesepian jenis itu.
    Orang yang sudah kenal diri sadar bahwa dirinya adalah pribadi yang memang unik dan hidup ‘sendirian’. Ia tahu bahwa setiap orang mesti bertanggung jawab pada dirinya sendiri dan karena itu mesti ada celah kesepian di mana pun ia berada, tetapi ia tak menolak kenyataan kesepian itu. He knows what to do and he does what he does!


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