Why must you feel unimportant or unwanted?

Once I had a very ergonomic keyboard that I bought in Italy, and I brought it home, but it didn’t last long after a friend of mine used it. I saw him typing on it as if he were using an old-fashioned typewriter with an old way of typing: he used it not only with his two forefingers but also with such a power that some keys could not function well anymore. Finally, I disposed of it halfheartedly.

There were actually only two broken keys. Nevertheless, their dis-functionality practically made all other keys useless. Considering that the human brain could reconstruct incomplete words based on specific contexts and word processors could also give word suggestions, indeed, two broken keys might not be a big problem. But that’s not the point. Missing letters were really annoying.

Letter “V” might be less important than the letter “A” to the extent that the latter would be needed more often than the first. Nonetheless, the letter “A” could never replace the letter “V” unless we change the rule of the game. Thus, I would say, every key on the keyboard has its own role, which cannot be tackled by other keys. There is, indeed, an exception like letter “β” which might be replaced with double “s” in German-language keyboard, but that’s not my case. Above all, every key has its own importance.


You might complain that apparently, your parents did not want you born in this world. Perhaps your mother told you that once she tried to abort you. You might conclude that you are unwanted as if your existence only depended on her willingness to give you birth. The fact that you’re still alive today proves that the power of love has conquered, converted, transformed the craftiness of darkness. All elements of love support you more than you can imagine. Thus, you are wanted!

Well, okay, I am wanted, but not as other people are wanted… They are more important.

I’d humbly tell you that you are such a vital creature to be yourself that even Barrack Obama cannot pretend to be you. I think it’s better not to pretend to be Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Pope Francis, or any other people you call essential.
They are essential precisely because they don’t pretend to be another person. They have their own role in this world, and they choose the best for themselves.

grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
grant me the courage
to change the things I can change;
and grant me the wisdom
to know the difference.


One thought on “Why must you feel unimportant or unwanted?

  1. Reblogged this on A Pathway to God and commented:

    Memang tuts “V” dipakai tidak sesering tuts “A”, tetapi toh tuts “A” tak bisa menggantikan tuts “V”. Penting tidaknya unsur semesta ini tak ditentukan oleh popularitas unsur itu, melainkan oleh peran uniknya yang tak tergantikan oleh unsur lain.

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